Leak Detection

If you are not ready for a full new roof installation, Roofing Florida is able to fix leaks or damage due to age and/or weather with simple repairs to damaged materials. There are numerous unforeseen factors your roof faces, and we will work with your insurance company to provide the best solutions.

A roof leak that is considered only a minor nuisance can develop into a complete catastrophe in a very short time.

The first decision is whether to simply patch leaks and damaged areas or whether partial or complete reroofing is in order. If you choose the latter, you’ll also have to decide whether to roof over your existing roof or whether to remove it. There are cost consequences either way.

A leaky roof can cause thousands of dollars worth of structural damage to your household, so fixing leaks immediately is a must. Our trained inspectors can help you identify problem areas and have those leaks plugged in no time.

If you’ve noticed broken shingles, cracked tiles, roof leaks, missing shingles, or pooling water, don’t hesitate to contact us for repairs.

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Whether it’s an extreme rainstorm, hailstorm, tornado, or a hurricane, when the forces of Mother Nature rise up against you and your roof, you’re going to need the help of Roofing Florida.